I Saw Mommy Painting Santa Claus: Tis The Season for a Santacure

1CollageSaw Mommy Red White


If you try to find me on any given day, 95% of the time you will find me either in my kitchen baking/making a mess or at my nail “station” honing my mad manicuring skills.  Hold on, scratch that.  I’m a wife and a mother.  If I could spend 95% of a day doing the things that I want to do instead of the things I have to do, I’d call the police to file some missing person reports.  Let’s try that opening line again:  If you try to find me between the hours of 11 pm and 3:30 am, 95% of the time you will find me either in my kitchen baking/mess or at my nail “station” honing my mad manicuring skills.  There.  At least now I’m telling the truth.

Santa Polish

My point is that I spend just as much time polishing and cooking January through October as I do in November and December.   The only difference is that people seem to notice my creations more in November and December than they do January through October.  Not that I’m complaining.  I’m an attention barnacle, so I’ll take whatever kudos I can get.  Perhaps that’s why I like this time of year best; I get to OD on attention.   In addition, the holidays are a time when one can take their talents to the next level.  With all the parties and the shopping and the family gatherings, there are limitless opportunities to knock people’s socks off with your creative abilities in the kitchen as well as on the tips of your fingers.


I hope these designs inspire you to break out the nail polish and give DIY holiday nail art a try.  You might be surprised to find out the first socks you’ll knock off are your own.  🙂

Yours ’til the Hershey’s Kiss,



Santa and his reindeer are very easy to do.  Start out by polishing one thumb a peachy-skin toned color.  Add a strip of red polish closest to the cuticle.  Taping off areas on either your skin or your nails will make this step fool-proof.  Dab on some white for the hat fur and on the tip of the nail to create his beard.  Add his eyes and nose and voila!  Santa thumb.  


All the other nails can be polished whatever color you like.  Create your reindeer heads and add antlers, eyes and noses.  As you can see, I chose to put Rudolph on my other thumb.


Simple red, green and glitter gradient with evergreen tree ring finger.  Start off by polishing your nails either red or green.  Once dry, use a makeup sponge wedge and dab on the other color.  If your green won’t cover your red (or vice versa), dab on some white first then dab on the color you want on top.  Before they are dry, brush on glitter polish.  This will help “fade” the colors together.  On the ring finger, tape off a tree and polish.  Remove the tape while your tree is still wet.  Otherwise you run the risk of “peeling” off your tree when you remove the tape.


This one is so easy even my 7 year old can do it.  Start off polishing your nails in a bright gold or silver glitter, then add red and green dots.


This is easier than it looks.  Polish nails a frosty white.  Cut trees out of nail polish strips/stickers (I used Kiss Nail Dress that I purchased at Dollar Tree), then dot on glitter polish for garland. Swipe on some glitter over the whole nail, add some star stickers and a good clear top coat and you’re done.

Before the garland.  Still lovely!

Before the garland. Still lovely!





My mom will tell you that I am like a raccoon.  I love sparkly things, and that includes gems and glitter I can add to my nail polish.  I purchased several packages of gems at the local craft store as well as various sizes and colors of glitter.  I combined the two and put them on my nails in a kind of snowflake pattern.  I wore this design for over a week, which is a HUGE indicator of how much I loved the look of these nails.  The gems held strong the entire time through numerous baths and dish washings.  I love these so much, I almost cried when I had to get out the polish remover.  For me it was an Old Yeller moment, and not the warm fuzzy puppy love kind of Old Yeller moment.  It was more like a “when I had to kill him, it was like having to shoot some of my own folks” kind of Old Yeller moment.  

I may have gone a little crazy, but I don't care.  So what my hubby says my fingers look "bedazzled".

I may have gone a little crazy, but I don’t care. So what my hubby says my fingers look “bedazzled”.




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