You Tweet Me Like A Blog (aka Contact Me)

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog!  I’d love to hear what you have to say, so feel free to send me your thoughts, questions, and/or recommendations.  Heck, you can even curse me out, copy and paste instructions on how to make and set up a Victrola or upload your 200 page thesis discussing what you think Bob whispers to Charlotte at the end of Lost In Translation if you want to.  I’m just happy to see a little number on the comment section of my Dashboard. If you prefer not to use the contact form at the bottom of this page, I can also be found on these social media sites. And yes, everything I said above apply to these sites too, with the exception of Twitter.  Uploading your 200 page thesis in 160 character increments would be maddening, and would probably take a seriously crazy amount of time.  Oh well, who am I to judge?  If you have the time and the gumption, tweet away my friend.  Tweet away.









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Talk to you soon!



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